Polymatz Waterproofing & Inuslation

Structural Repairs

PolyMatz Waterproofing has wide knowledge and expertise in behavior and life cycle of concrete, steel and masonry structures. We offer complete range of professional building and structural repair services

Water Proofing

We, at PolyMatz Waterproofing , undertake waterproofing treatment in construction industries using hi-tech products such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, polymer, silicones, brickbat coba system, sand pressure injection grouting.

About Us

We PolyMatz are waterproofing contractors in Kerala. Professionals in Water Leakage solutions.Dealers in waterproofing Chemicals, waterproofing Products.We are professionals in installation of waterproofing products varying from APP and SBS modified bituminous membrane to crystallization coatings, acrylic & Cementations coatings, Liquid Polyurethane coatings, Self adhesive Membranes, High albedo coatings, Thermal Insulation systems etc.


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PolyMatz Waterproofing and Insulation Systems Ltd.
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P: +91-9446901735
P: +91-9446901735